Ontology Network Joins Forces with Bware Labs

The Ontology Team
2 min readNov 16, 2023

Ontology Network is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Bware Labs, a move set to advance blockchain scalability and efficiency. This collaboration will enhance the Ontology ecosystem, streamlining node operations and the deployment of dApps on both Ontology and our EVM-compatible chain. It’s a step forward in simplifying the journey for developers and users into the world of decentralized applications and Web3 innovation.

By delegating ONT to the Bware Labs Consensus Node, our community members can earn ONG rewards, fostering an even more robust staking environment. Developers are not left out; they’ll gain access to Ontology and Ontology EVM test tokens through Bware Labs’ Faucet service. We promise to keep you updated as our infrastructure evolves.

But there’s more — education is key to empowerment. We’re dedicated to providing resources that demystify blockchain and digital identity, guiding both newcomers and veterans towards mastering decentralized technologies.

Our alliance with Bware Labs is rooted in a mutual commitment to decentralization, underscoring our belief in its potential to redefine personal and business autonomy, security, and transparency.

About Bware Labs

Bware Labs specializes in Web3 infrastructure, building the Web3 fundamentals that enable the development, launch, and scaling of blockchain networks and their dApps. Their offerings include high-speed APIs, validation and indexing services, blockchain governance tooling, snapshots, and faucets.

As our multi-faceted partnership with Bware Labs unfolds, we will also collaborate with the developer community to create innovative infrastructure solutions that address their needs and requests, and support the growth and adoption of the Ontology ecosystem.