Ontology Weekly Report (December 8–14)

The Ontology Team
3 min readDec 16, 2020


As always, this week we strived to continue providing our users with convenient and practical services. This week’s highlight includes adding support for Binance Smart Chain dApps inside the ONTO Wallet including Pancake, dForce, and Forge Chain, as well as the launch of the first ever credit-based Farming Pool in Wing Inclusive Pool.

On top of that, our founder Li Jun, was invited by Upbit, the largest digital asset trading platform in South Korea, to deliver a keynote speech at the UDC 2020 Meet-Up conference. This was an opportunity to introduce Ontology, with a focus on digital identities and data management.

- Added Ontology governance contract interface support for Wasm contract development library

Product Development
- Released ONTO v3.6.4
- Added support for Binance Smart Chain dApps including Pancake, dForce, and Forge
- Launched the Wing Inclusive Pool for credit-based lending
- Kicked off the December ONTO NFT campaign, with more than 1600 users earning the limited supply NFT
- Saw an increase in the number of users holding BEP-20 assets on ONTO by 31%

- 108 dApps live on Ontology
- 6,234,303 dApp-related transactions since the Ontology genesis block
- 10,147 dApp-related transactions in the past week

Bounty Program
- 2 new applications for Technical Documentation Translation

Community Growth
- 5,175 new members onboarded across Ontology’s Vietnamese, Arabic, and Turkish communities

Newly Released
- On December 9th, Wing Finance, a cross-chain DeFi platform based on Ontology, launched the Inclusive Pool, the world’s first credit-based product for users to lend, borrow and insure assets. As a digital asset flow pool, the Inclusive Pool increases transparency in DeFi. It does this by integrating users’ self-sovereign scoring system OScore, built on Ontology, and utilizing these scores in the decision making framework of the Inclusive Pool’s lending and borrowing mechanisms.

Global Events
- On December 8th, Li Jun, founder of Ontology, was invited by Upbit, the largest digital asset trading platform in South Korea, to deliver a keynote speech at the UDC 2020 Meet-up Conference. The focus of this was surrounding Ontology’s digital identity and data management solutions. It was a brilliant opportunity for engagement with the South Korean market — one that is very important to us. Upbit has previously assisted Korean communication giant-Kakao’s public chain, Klaytn, on the register their DID solution on the W3C’s official website.

- On December 10th, our Chief of Global Ecosystem Partnerships, Gloria Wu, spoke at the 2020 Paris Blockchain Week Summit. In Gloria’s speech, she introduced Ontology’s various decentralized digital identity and credit technologies, with a focus on our self-sovereign in-car personalization and management solution — “Welcome Home”, which was a joint collaboration between Daimler Mobility and Ontology.

- On December 10th, Nick Zhang, Ontology Ecosystem Growth Manager, was invited to share the latest developments and progress of Wing in the fifth online resource sharing event by Blocklike and DoraHacks, a decentralized global developer community. This speech focused on introducing Wing’s newly launched Inclusive Pool.

- Also on December 10th, the ONTO December NFT Medal Campaign was launched. The last of the Ontology monthly NFT series includes two types of medals: the Christmas Reindeer and the Christmas Tree. Both of these medals are OEP-5 NFTs with a supply of 1,000 each. During this campaign, anyone who uses any of the Binance Smart Chain dApps (AlpacaCity / Pancake / DoDo) on the Discovery or Market page of ONTO for more than 1 minute will earn a medal.

- On December 11th, we closed the essay writing competition for the celebration of Ontology’s third anniversary. We received a total of 146 entries, of which 54 were awarded prizes.